Rebranding the Industries Association of Uttarakhand

No Formulae Branding IAU Logo Industries Association of Uttarakhand

Industries Association of Uttarakhand (IAU) is an Apex body of Micro, Small & Medium Scale Industries of Uttarakhand. Its strong membership base covers wide products and services spread through length and breadth of Uttarakhand. With exclusive focus on Uttarakhand, IAU is committed to the development of the State and its entrepreneurs.


The old brand identity /logo of the Industries Association of Uttarakhand ( IAU)  was similar to the numerous other logos of other such associations and firms. The resemblance to the numerous other brand identities in the region failed to uniquely position IAU and had a low recall value. Further, the identity was illegible and did not communicate anything about the organization, its values or its functions.

No Formulae Branding IAU Industries Association of Uttarakhand

Design Process

Uttarakhand is a unique state in a lot many ways. Carved out of Uttar Pradesh in the year 2000, it is the 27th state of India. The vast geographical diversity ranging from fertile plains to the Himalayas give the state a special economic environment.

IAU brings together the various industries of the state under one banner and is extensively working towards promoting industrial growth in the state.

After a deep understanding of the state, its economic and social policy along with the attributes and functions of the IAU a brief was created that outlined the values that would effectively represent the scenario in the picture.

The new identity had to effectively communicate these unique attributes and brings out the core values of IAU. Various explorations of bringing out the essence of IAU yet keeping a resemblance to the previous identity led to the following new brand identity for IAU.

The new identity for IAU signifies growth and evolution. The gear, an industrial symbol, also represents the rising sun and associates to the development and prosperity being brought in by industrialization to the state. The typeface used is a modern sans-serif type, which re-enforces the concept of the logo. It is a modern looking, fresh logo that imbibes all the wisdom of the past and is open towards new opportunities of the future.

No Formulae Branding IAU Industries Association of Uttarakhand Design

Further, IAU recently organized an “Ambassador’s Meet – showcasing investment opportunities in Uttarakhand”. Dignitaries from 12 nations besides a number of industrialists of the state attended this event.

The theme of the event was represented visually by an expression of brush strokes, which signified a warm personal, welcome to a land which ranged from the fertile plains to the snowy Himalayas, a land which is also home to the greatest rivers of the country.

No Formulae Branding Design IAU Industries Association of Uttarakhand

Project Brief

Create a new Brand identity for the Industries Association of Uttarakhand that effectively and uniquely brings out the values of the association. Moreover the new brand identity should be designed retaining a key element of the previous identity.

Key Insights

The previous identity was doing nothing for the brand, except for being a mere symbol which was very similar to other identities of the same field. A new identity that could speak about the organization to various segments, from micro industries to larges ones, from government departments to private companies, was required.
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