Packaging Design for Bodyshine from the House of MG

Bodyshine - House of MG - Packaging Design by No Formulae

The organic products produced under the umbrella of the House of MG required a new strategy to be reintroduced to the market. The tempting product range include soaps, shampoos, oils, sprays, powders and balms.

Design Process – Nature’s Own

Pure, natural, unadulterated nature’s produce are referred to as organic products in our world. The very essence of Organics is that it is “Nature’s Own”.  What better to contain a natural product than nature itself. Taking this as the key concept, we went outwards and studied the much saturated market of similarly packaged organic products.

Our inspiration for the design came from the famous Siddi Sayed Mosque and the Jaali in it. The sandstone texture and the heritage of the monument inspired us to explore the various forms and materials.

Design Explorations

Nature’s Canvas to Man

Our initial explorations led to using the eco-friendly pulp moulding technique to create rock like casing for the products. Paper Pulp provides a sturdy shell, while being light, stackable and cost-effective. It is made out of waste paper and degrades easily back into the environment. Thus, following the philosophy of organics and purity.

Further, the concept of purity and serenity are heavily based in the Zen philosophy and an important element of Zen gardens. Stones are a prominent element of a Zen Garden and stand for eternity and fertility. This inspiration combined with the heritage of the hotel, gave birth to our designs.

Bodyshine - House of MG - Packaging Design by No Formulae

Bodyshine - House of MG - Packaging Design by No Formulae

Streamlining the concept, we designed the final concepts using bamboo paper which retains the Zen element and the form along with the colour making it look like a stone.  A single piece of paper when folded in our special manner would render the form of a stone. It would also give the strength and protection the product inside needs.

Bodyshine - House of MG - Packaging Design by No Formulae

The packaging evokes feeling of earthiness and familiarity. It is easy to manufacture, stock, transport and use as it is just a single piece of paper requiring no pasting or stapling. The unfolding of this box is like a layered story, in which the main attraction is revealed one by one, thus building up the suspense.

Bodyshine - House of MG - Soap Packaging Design by No Formulae
Bodyshine - House of MG - Lip Balm Packaging Design by No Formulae

Project Brief

Create a unified image for the organics range of products to be relaunched by House of MG. The packaging design should stand out at the point of retail and gather attention, yet connecting with the heritage of the hotel.

Key Insights

Produced in a small plant, the design must be easy to handle for the workers and easy to transport to save on the logistics. The Siddi Sayed Jaali opposite to the House of MG inspired the design and the texture, form and quality of the stone and intricate carving paved way to the final designs.
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