Corporate Presentation Film for Sahastradhara KGFS – Local Financial Institution

Microfinance is a much talked about phenomenon. We keep hearing about the path breaking progress it has brought about in the interiors and in the less-accessible areas. However, most of us know very little about it or how it functions.

Sahastradhara KGFS is a local financial institution which functions in the Garhwal area of Uttarakhand, India. No Formulae was commissioned to communicate its core message, philosophy and the change it has brought about in the regions it serves, through a short film.

We interviewed the staff, bank’s customers and villagers to showcase the challenges Sahastradhara KGFS faced and how it has overcome those hurdles and is now growing at a rapid rate. In doing so, it has brought happiness and prosperity to hundreds of households across the Garhwal region.

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