Branding of Mrinalini Education Trust

Mrinalini Education Trust is spearheading an educational revolution with its holistic approach on value-based learning.

On being given the task of creating the brand image of Mrinalini Trust, the most important challenge was portraying the values of the Mrinalini Education, yet adhering to the appeal of the entity having the structure of a “trust”.

The visual identity’s symbol is an abstract representation of a lotus which is not only a metaphor for wisdom and learning but also the brand name “Mrinalini” (a sanskrit word) literally translates to “lotus or a collection of lotuses”.

The form of the lotus emerges from the play of the negative and the positive space rendered around the semi circle which also symbolizes our planet earth.

The color palette of blue and green signify nature and unbound growth that follows with learning and wisdom. Green is related to growth and nurture, whereas blue, like the sky and the ocean, imparts a sense of expansion and infinite.

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