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ChetnaChetna Mehrotra is an image consultant. The consulting offers individual clinics, group consultations and corporate solutions to enhance and project an authentic and an appropriate personality.

Image consultation is in its infancy in India. Today people are living multi-faceted lives where the entire personality is judged rather than just a part of it.  Along with the quality of your work, the way you present yourself affects the impression you create on others and even what you think of yourself.

We suggested Chetna to break this line of thought, and wanted to people to understand the kind of transformation her services can bring to one’s life. Along with what to wear, Chetna helps people with their body language, fitness, voice & diction, cultural and social exposure, etiquettes, etc. Thus, a holistic personality is developed by Chetna.

Thus, the challenge we faced was to break the relation of image consultation with fashion and glamour and instead communicate a brand that cared about the personality, inner-self and satisfaction of the client.

Chetna's Logo by No Formulae

We created a visual-identity in which the letter “C” standing for Chetna in a circle also formed a person in it’s negative space. This, interplay of positive and negative forms communicates that the client and his personality is the focus of the image consultation services.

Chetna's Logo by No Formulae

Branding an Image Consultant by No Formulae

Neutral and friendly shades of colour were adopted to cater to clients of all walks of life.

The website created also followed the same language, using neutral shades and highlighting the images.

You can visit the website at

Chetna's Website by No Formulae

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