Branding Al Hafedh Group – An Iraqi Group of Companies

Al- Hafedh Group is a well diversified Iraqi group with over than ten different companies, working in various sectors like Food Products, Electricity & Power, Real Estate, etc. We were asked to collaborate with them to create their new visual identity and online presence.

The existing visual identity consisted to the letter “a” in lower caps and Al Hafedh written on it. It did not speak much about the vast business functions of the group. We took inspiration from the falcon, which is a high flying bird with a wide wingspan. Using these are metaphors for the rapidly growing business group in terms of market and business porfolio, we designed the logo as a falcon formed by the letters AHG, the initials of the name.

The name comes under the wingspan, symbolising an umbrella like structure covering the vast business functions. The color is black and white to give boldness and emphasis to the form and name.


We also created their online presence. A well thought web-architecture was created. They layout was created as such to highlight the important achievements of the group.

The website has both an English and Arabic version for the viewer’s convenience.

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