Animation and Film Design of Chimpoo for Games2Win

Chimpoo Animation & Film Design by No FormulaeChimpoo is a much-loved character created by Games2Win. We created an animated clip for their website for the entertainment of kids called Pom Poms Away featuring Chi Chi the Cheerleader.

Our process started with understanding the characteristics of Chimpoo and visualising them as per the story-line. It was important for us to study it’s mannerisms and impersonate him in order to create new movements.

Chimpoo Animation & Film Design - Expression Sheet by No Formulae

Chimpoo Animation & Film Design - Storyboard by No FormulaeThe storyboard led us towards making the final animation where Chi Chi the Cheerleader (the cheerleader avatar of Chimpoo) would dance around his mates during a break at the stadium. While getting tossed during the dance, he would go up in the sky only to be rescued by a plane flying by!

Chimpoo Animation & Film Design by No Formulae

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