Outside-in Creativity

Creativity has definitely a lot to do with exposure and the awareness of endless opportunities. Knowing that there are more than one right answers, and answers that might exist somewhere but not in one’s sphere of reality or awareness.

A recent article published by the Economist states high correlation between one’s stay outside one’s native country and creativity. It also speaks about better negotiation skills of bilingual people.

Considering these factors and India, the relevance of this research seems somehow vague. Being bilingual is pretty natural for most Indians, atleast in the urban areas. Further, with such vast numbers of cultures, languages, customs and geography, each region in India seems like a new country. Would all this mean this makes Indians who live away from their hometown, are more creative? Or are we better at negotiations?

Also, it would be important to consider a country like the United Arab Emirates, where only 19% of the population consists of Emiratis (natives of the country) and the rest are all expatriates. With such a large expat population, the country rarely is talked about for it’s creativity.

We consider kids as creative. Most of them have never lived outside their domestic boundaries.They are creative because of their imagination and free-thinking. Travel and stay abroad might give you these qualities, but it certainly depends on the individual and the system around you.

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