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Minimalising and streamlining just does not happen in processes and objects. We see it in languages too. Long phrases become shorter. Long words are chopped and rearranged. And the SMS language has achieved further milestones in this arduous task.

Overused, abused and overhyped. The word we constantly use to identify ourselves, to describe ourselves… The word I. In the languages I am aware of, like English it is spoken quickly and is of single syllable. Whereas words referring to the second or third person is usually longer and takes more time to deliver.

Besides the overuse, there could be another reason behind this relationship. May be we are supposed to give less time to ourselves while talking about ourselves and give more stress and mental space when talking about others.

If it is so, in the languages where this relation is swapped i.e. first person reference is longer than the second or third person reference, does it reflect something different about the culture. Do people give more or less importance to themselves there? Are egoes bigger?

If one starts to speak those languages, would it alter his behaviour?

Can language, the result of culture, history and heritage, in turn affect the future cultures?

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