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The lack of something is the sign of its arrival. The recognition of this void brings us the knowledge of its absence.  And the seekers and curious beings we are, we begin to look for it.

We human beings are probably wired to constantly find or create such voids. But then we are also known to have egos which force us to present ourselves as omniscient beings.

For those of you who ever watched the BBC comedy “Goodness Gracious Me” there was this character who would reply to anything with “I knew that”. That’s the case with the most of us, isn’t it? The lack of knowledge is such a big taboo that we try hard to hide it.

iDunno by No FormulaeTo learn anything new, one has to start from the recognising its absence, going on to seeking it and then acquiring it. Our social system blocks us out right at the first stage. “I don’t know” is a phrase to be avoided and eventually a thought that is erased from our minds.

A design process is aimed at solving a problem and finding an answer you do not know as yet. If you did, then it would’ve happened. You start form an “I don’t know” phase, listing down things you do not know and need to know more about. As you go along with finding them, you discover more things you didn’t know about. It is a constant process of learning through the knowledge of its absence. And during this process the ambiguity of the problem fades away and a solution emerges.

Doing a pitch for a project means skipping this very important state of learning and unlearning and giving solutions based on false assumptions. It is being untrue to the ultimate aim of finding a good contextual solution to the problem.

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