Flow of Money

Flow of Money by No FormulaeMoney is something that gives you power to get something you want when you give it away. After discussions we realized that money is just commodities in exchange. Money is worthless unless it exchanges hands, unless it flows. Just like the flow of money is critical to the functioning of money, so is water essential to our existence. Therefore we took the metaphor of water to explain our view on money.

Just like water changes forms, so does money. Ice is like gold, realty, etc., liquid is like cash and gas is like credit cards, stock and virtual money.

Just like water, there is an unequal distribution of money around the world. Very few have access to it and most of it is saturated in the hands of a few. Like the glaciers are the largest source of fresh water (68%), the same way the rich of today are the glaciers of money, holding it with themselves and not letting it flow. There is a scarcity of water and just like water, money is not valued properly. We cannot do without either money or water.

Also when water stagnates and there is no flow or movement, it becomes infected and unfit for use. Various insects start breeding and the water becomes dirty. Similarly, without flow money becomes useless. It is only a few pieces of paper, after all, to which we assign value.

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