Business Needs Design

Business Needs DesignOver the years “design” has become ever more popular and is slowly getting into an every man’s vocabulary. But till date “design” equates to a mere decorative process and often thought as the final steps in delivering the offering.

Successful businesses across the world have demystified this cliched thought about design and have harnessed the power that Design holds. These are the companies that have taken the innovative leaps and have become business leaders in their domains.

Design is like that magic potion which has all the ingredients to create success.

It starts with a deep research into the context and the subject, it is only from understanding the problem well that a designer is able to create a solution which is perfect! Designers also have an invaluable quality to empathies with the user of their creation. With their unique tools of understanding the user, it becomes possible for them to design that offering which gets welcomed by the user and the market.

Designers also have holistic views and are good at cross-connecting and thinking freely, this gives them the necessary canvas to imagine and innovate. Bringing out this innovation requires a synergy between the Business functions, Design and Technology.

Business Innovation by No FormulaeDesign which was traditionally restricted to the fields like graphic, product, industrial, fashion, interior, architecture etc. is expanding and percolating more into the Business functions. Design principles are being applied to things like finance, operations, marketing and processes. From a Business of Design designers are progressing to Designing Businesses.

With it’s inherent quality of creating something new, design is all about innovation. Using the tools of design, businesses can adopt a usercentric approach. Design brings understanding of the emotions and logic of the user. When the experience of the user is kept in consideration, chances of failure almost disappear.

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