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It’s a boxing match.
Not the Tyson-kind. But the mental sorts.

The world is full of clichés. We love them too (seldom). Makes a thing simpler to understand. without using your precious brains to decipher the deep meaning inside of it. In the creative world, the most used cliché is “Thinking Outside The Box”.

Let’s define the box in this situation. The box stands everything that’s usual, normal or the over-done. To create something, you can create anything. Even something like what exists. But to be known as a creative person, you must create something new or in a new manner.

Looking at the cliché with another perspective, design is all about the box – both inside and outside. The box represents the constraints that a design problem presents. It represents user-behaviour, the market, the client, the political environment. Working outside these, would only render results unfit to solve the targeted design problem. It would be more art than design. Genius is finding a solution while being within this box, assimilating all the data and solving the problem in a manner that’s never been done before. Hence, inside and outside the box.

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